2014 ACPW Women in Transition Career Conference


The 2014 ACPW Women in Transition Career Conference is a way for members of the Alliance to help women facing career shifts.  Whether attendees are reentering the workforce, have lost jobs, are changing fields, or just need the perspective of women who have been there before them, our members are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and experience to help boost the careers of women in transition. 


In our inaugural conference, we are inviting representatives from organizations that provide free career search resources to people in our local communities. These organizations will provide information about how to register for their services and many of them will be conducting workshops on key job search skills.  


Offerings this year will include:


  • Resume Writing

  • Interviewing

  • Using Social Media in Your Search

  • Developing a Government Resume

  • Creating Your Elevator Pitch

  • Staying Motivated and Energized

Important notes:

  1. There is no charge to attend

  2. Child care will not be provided and we are not equipped to accommodate children during the conference.

  3. This is not a job fair.  Potential employers will not be in attendance and no offers or guarantees of employment are being made or implied as a result of attendance at this conference.

Are You A Creative Professional Woman?

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