Are you making changes in your professional life?


Then the 2014 ACPW Women In Transition Career Conference may be
just what you need


Join us in Rockville, MD to learn more about the employment resources available to you in your community.  We will have representatives and information from several local employment service organizations available to assist you in finding and making a connection with an organization that will nurture and support your career transition.  We want you to succeed and we know that ongoing support throughout your job hunt is the way to speed you along your path and ensure you find a great job!


In addition to this matching service, representatives from our membership and from these employment service organizations will conduct classes focused on key skills necessary to compete in a contemporary and changing employment market.  We'll help you determine how to target the job or company you want to pursue, how to craft or fine tune your resume to match your goals, how to respond to new interviewing techniques used by more and more companies... and more.


Whether you are a woman returning to the workforce, transitioning from one career to another, fresh out of college and looking for your first professional job, please join us for a relaxing, informative, and enjoyable afternoon - and then go find your dream job!

Important notes:

  1. There is no charge to attend

  2. Child care will not be provided and we are not equipped to accommodate children during the conference.

  3. This is not a job fair.  Potential employers will not be in attendance and no offers or guarantees of employment are being made or implied as a result of attendance at this conference.

Are You A Creative Professional Woman?

Contact us if you are interested in joining us. We'd Love to talk to you!

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