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To Each Other and In Our Communities

The Alliance of Creative Professional Women (also ACPW or The Alliance) is an organization dedicated to serving the professional goals of women while enriching the quality of their personal lives.  Our members are women who bring the wisdom and experience that comes with time and who generously share these with others.  They are smart, ambitious, talented, and come from a broad range of industries.  Alliance members recognize and are grateful for the help others have given them in their own journeys and are dedicated to “paying it forward” to help others overcome the challenges they face as they learn and grow professionally.


Our mission is to:

  • Provide encouragement, support and resources to one another in our individual quests for personal and professional growth, and

  • Help women in our local communities achieve their own professional growth.


Our watchword is ABUNDANCE and goal is to THRIVE.

Learn more about the 2015 ACPW Women in Transition Career Conference!

Saturday, October, 10 2015

If you are a woman who has been laid off, are re-entering the workforce, leaving military service to enter the civilian workforce, leaving college to find your first professional gig, or if you are simply switching from having a job to building a career, this conference is designed for you!


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The purpose of the conference is to match you to organizations dedicated to helping people identify, prepare for and find great jobs.

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Learn more about the resources that will be available to you during the Conference...

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Resource Providers

Learn more about how we can help each other serve the women in our communities...

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Member Spotlight
Mindy L.

Mindy is truly dedicated to serving the needs of women! She heads the local chapter of a global women's organization designed to better the lives of women, ensure they have the necessities of life and that they are physically and spiritually fed. Mindy says the Alliance brings her a personal source of inspiration and support that she can draw from to help her along her own journey to excellence.

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