Resource providers fulfilled their missions  
While helping us fulfill ours..

The 2014 ACPW Women In Transition Career Conference hosted women looking for assistance in finding their next great job.  We thank them for their help in serving them.

Women all over our communities are looking for work.  They have been laid off, are returning to the work force, are transitioning from serving our country, and are leaving college in search of their first big job.  We wanted to provide a "match-making" service for members of the community who need services but may not know that resources are out there with a mission to help them succeed in their quest.  We wanted to introduce women to the advantages these providers offer and help them register with these organizations.

Our Resource Providers Shared:



From organizations who answered questions and shared information about their organizations and provided on-the-spot help initiated the momentum that will help conference attendees achieve victory in their quest for meaningful work for some time to come.


A wealth of information to help educate participants about their offerings and perhaps motivate them to reach out for continued support.


Sessions taught attendees how to respond to various kinds of interview questions, or how to polish their online presence, and how to network to find the perfect job. 



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